The Travels of Tug 44

Mallard Duck

A male Mallard Duck in all his iridescent splendor. This one has a leg band.   high-res

A female Mallard Duck in a section of abandoned old Champlain Canal in Fort Edward.   high-res

Like any girl with a new engagement ring, this immature male Mallard Duck displays his ankle tag.   high-res

Mallards get their food either by skimming the surface, or by tipping forward and reaching vegetation in the shallows as shown here. This is called "dabbling".   high-res

A dozen female Mallard Ducks at the beauty parlor. They have been busy preening themselves and leaving feathers all over the place! An afternoon nap is the next thing on their schedule.   high-res

June 2018 - This Momma Mallard Duck has a bunch of chicks! They leave the nest a day or two after they hatch and immediately head for the water. They can feed themselves even at this age, but they need Mom around to protect them and teach them where to find food.   high-res

A few moments later their froggie friend joins them! What the heck is he doing there? Doesn't he know he's not a duck? :)   high-res

The Mallard Duck, ancestor of most modern domestic ducks.

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