The Travels of Tug 44

Merlin Falcon - Rescued
( Taiga Subspecies )

I met this male Merlin Falcon at our local 2018 Raptor Fest. His left wing had been broken and he was rescued and nursed back to health. The injury is still visible but he is now otherwise healthy. Such a beautiful bird!   high-res

I thought he was the loveliest bird at the Fest and he was a great model. He kept turning around to show me all sides and poses. This would be a hunting pose.   high-res

Then the Merin Falcon turned to show me the back view and he even spread his wings. The old injury is visible.   high-res

Here, the Merlin Falcon shows me his front view. And look at the size of those eyes!   high-res

And the back view. I love the sheen on his blue feathers.   high-res

The Merlin Falcon, a deadly predator given a new life.

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