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Mourning Dove

The Mourning Dove is a seed eater and can frequently be seen by the side of the road, or on the ground under a bird feeder, grazing. They resemble pigeons. They are a dull looking tan color with few markings, but when in flight there is flashing black & white.   high-res

Mourning Doves are prolific breeders, they can produce up to 6 litters of 2 chicks each year. This photo shows two nearly grown chicks, who left the nest just a few days later.   high-res

This Mourning Dove nest is located in an old abandoned alarm horn at our local Fire Department. Luckily for them, the horn is no longer used. Mom feeds them with "crop milk" for 3-4 days and then switches them to seeds which she regurgitates for them.   high-res

Two weeks later, Momma Mourning Dove has new eggs in the nest again. Their survival strategy is to breed faster than predators can catch them.   high-res

When Mourning Doves are grounded or sitting on a wire, their colors are hidden ... they display mostly dull brown with few marks...   high-res

... but when they take flight, the wings unfold showing black colors and the tail spreads showing white stripes.   high-res

This Mourning Dove is strutting his stuff next to a puddle in a cow pasture, and showing off his bright red legs and feet.   high-res

Mourning Doves are with us all year, they can withstand our brutal winters. Here they show how they fluff up to survive the cold. This bunch is taking a nap.   high-res

The Mourning Dove, one of the most common birds in the country.

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