The Travels of Tug 44


There are thousands of varieties of Mushrooms and some are tasty and some are poisonous. This bunch are poisonous Amanita Mushrooms.   high-res

Amanita Mushrooms and most other types push out of the ground where there is rotted leaf litter or rotted logs. They start as little bumps and then grow into the size of dinner plates.   high-res

A closer look at one of the larger Amanita Mushrooms.   high-res

This one is a Giant Puffball Mushroom, it is about 14 inches long. These are edible, you just slice them up like bread and fry them ... but be very careful, there are several other poisonous types that look just like these.   high-res

The Mushroom, many of these are poisonous, caution!

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