The Travels of Tug 44


The Muskrat is a semi-aquatic mammal that eats nearly anything it can find in or near the river or swamp. They are not rats at all, they are rodents and related to beavers, voles and mice.   high-res

Here's a closer look at the Muskrat. They are about a foot long, plus tail. When swimming, the tail swishes side-to-side and also acts as a rudder.   high-res

Home Sweet Home for a Muskrat is either a hole dug into the riverbank as shown here, or sometimes they will build a lodge much like beavers do.   high-res

September 2017, I spotted this Muskrat having lunch, munching on swamp grass shoots.   high-res

The Muskrat, a beautiful fur-bearing critter.

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