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The Muskrat is a semi-aquatic mammal that eats nearly anything it can find in or near the river or swamp. They are not rats at all, they are rodents and related to beavers, voles and mice.   high-res

Here's a closer look at the Muskrat. They are about a foot long, plus tail. When swimming, the tail swishes side-to-side and also acts as a rudder.   high-res

Muskrats eat water plants, including cattail stems. They will also take any small critters such a snails, frogs, mussels and crayfish. This pair in late November is stocking up plant stems for food during winter.   high-res

Muskrats swim under the ice easily, but this one is walking on top. He didn't get good traction so he went back to swimming under the ice.   high-res

The Muskrat is swimming with his webbed hind feet and by swishing his tail side to side.   high-res

Muskrats often build a den by digging into the riverbank, with the entrance sometimes under water. The main chamber will be above water level to stay dry.   high-res

This pile of plant stems is known as a Muskrat Pushup. On occasion the Muskrats will live inside it, and other times they just swim here to get food during the winter.   high-res

The Muskrat, a beautiful fur-bearing critter.

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