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The Osprey is a Hawk, and sometimes called a Seahawk, as they usually live near water, where they eat exclusively fish. They are extremely well equipped for catching fish, which they do with their huge claws. They are huge, with a 6 foot wingspan.   high-res

This is a female Osprey, as indicated by the speckles on her upper chest. This is sometimes called the "necklace".   high-res

Ospreys are excellent fish hunters, this one caught a Northern Pike, a somewhat dangerous fish.   high-res

This is a very angry female Osprey, and she wants a piece of me! I had strayed too close to her nest and she flew right at me, missing my head by only about 10 feet. That was a scarey moment!   high-res

She flew past me, then turned and gained a bit of altitude and came back for another pass at me.   high-res

And then she made another pass, she was absolutely determined to get me far away from her nest. I have seen Ospreys beat up Bald Eagles to defend their nest. They are utterly fearless when there is a perceived threat.   high-res

Osprey sex! The female was sitting on the nest as the male came in for a landing, and he landed right on her back. She accepted him and they had sex. Notice he has his huge claws curled up so as not to injure her. If she were not in the mood that moment, she would have shaken him off.   high-res

Here we have Momma Osprey and her 2 little chicks! They look a bit prehistoric and they have a strong appetite for raw fish. They do grow extremely quickly.   high-res

This is a nearly-grown Osprey chick. Note the chick has speckled wings and orange eyes. The adults have black wings and yellow eyes.   high-res

Meet Mom and her two chicks! The one on the left has orange eyes and a white breast so it is a male chick. The bird in the middle has a speckled breast and orange eyes so this is a female chick. And on the right is Mom with her speckled chest and yellow eyes.   high-res

This was a day with torrential rains and this male osprey was sopping wet. He's holding his wings low as they drip dry. I got this photo from my back porch, he was sitting in a tree across the canal from my house.   high-res

The Osprey, a fierce parent and an excellent fish hunter.

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