The Travels of Tug 44

Red Fox

This female Red Fox was beating around the tall grass at the edge of the woods in Fort Edward, probably chasing mice. She was about a hundred yards away, just within range of my camera equipment...   high-res

... and when I clicked my shutter, she heard it, even at that distance and her head popped up and she turned to see me. I remained in my car and shot all these photos thru the open window, hoping she wouldn't be scared off like she would have been if I had gotten out.   high-res

Then, to my astonishment, she started trotting toward me.   high-res

She came right up to my car, within just a few feet of me, and displayed no fear at all. This was exciting stuff for me!   high-res

She circled my car, and then trotted back to where she was before I arrived. Her nipples are visible in some of the pictures and are heavy with milk. That means she has babies (kits) somewhere nearby. I'm hoping to photo the little ones if I can manage to spot them. :)   high-res

A few days later, I spotted the same female Red Fox again, though this time she was somewhat out of range at 150 yards. This time she had her 3 Kits with her! The 3 little Kits were playing and jumping around, while Mom stood guard and groomed them.   high-res

The little ones didn't always submit to Mom's grooming, sometimes she would pin them to the ground and then do it ... but this one was happy to be cleaned up.   high-res

I cannot descrive how wonderful it was to see the Red Fox family relaxed and at play.   high-res

The Red Fox, one of the prettier critters we seldom see.

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