The Travels of Tug 44

Red-Tailed Hawk Hunting

We spotted this Red-Tailed Hawk on a telephone pole, and moments later, it flew straight down and caught a baby bunny. The Hawk had been staking out a rabbit nest, waiting for the next baby bunny to come out.   high-res

The Hawk grabbed the bunny, killed it, and flew to a low branch in a roadside tree.   high-res

Here the Red-Tailed Hawk is moving his prey into a convenient position to have lunch.   high-res

The Red-Tailed Hawk knows I am moving closer, so he spreads his wings over it. This is a typical predator move to prevent other predators from spotting and stealing his prey. In this case he was making sure I wasn't going to steal it.   high-res

And in this picture, lunch begins.   high-res

I am only 20 feet away and the Hawk is now staring right at me, deciding what to do. The staring convinced me that it was time for me to go, and I did exactly that.   high-res

The Red-Tailed Hawk, a ferocious Bird of Prey.

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