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Albino Red-Tailed Hawk

This is an all-white Albino Red-Tailed Hawk, in a road-side ditch in the Fort Edward Grasslands. She is a one-in-a-million individual. She had just killed and eaten a small rodent, probably a mouse, and is about to lift off.   high-res

She has had her lunch and is about to lift off. Notice she is wearing "long pants" ... she has her winter plumage and is well equipped for our brutal Fort Edward winters. She does not migrate, she will survive 35 degrees below zero.   high-res

This Albino Red-Tailed Hawk has very very pale eyes with the slightest hint of blue, and her beak has a slight hint of pink.

There are two types of "mostly white" birds, Albino and Leucistic and the difference is indicated by the eyes. A Leucistic bird will have normal eye color, dark brown for a Red-Tailed Hawk ... and an Albino bird will have very pale eyes. This one is an Albino.   high-res

Here, the Albino Red-Tailed Hawk is up on a utility wire, hunting again. When she spots a small rodent, she will dive immediarely and catch it in her claws. Her claws have a slight hint of pink coloration.   high-res

This Albino Red-Tailed Hawk is very healthy and in excellent condition. The mere fact that she is still alive without camouflage colors means she is stronger, faster and a better hunter than most of her species.   high-res

The Albino Red-Tailed Hawk, a stunningly beautiful raptor.

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