The Travels of Tug 44

Ring-Billed Gull

The Ring-Billed Gull has a small black ring around its bill, and has yellow legs and yellow duck feet. And they have a lot to say and it's loud!   high-res

Ring-Billed Gulls are mostly scavengers, whatever floats down the river is food for them. They like dead fish and will fight over them. And if you have french fries, they are your friend forever ... they often hang out at burger joints looking for trash.   high-res

Ring-Billed Gulls have long narrow wings, with black wingtips. They can glide in the wind really well and can even hover in a wind.   high-res

Ring-Billed Gulls gather in large flocks at the Lock 6 rapids of the Hudson River in Fort Edward, as they search for crabs and any dead fish that may float by.   high-res

The Ring-Billed Gull, one of Nature's trash collectors.

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