The Travels of Tug 44

Ring-Necked Pheasant Fight

Male Ring-Necked Pheasants fight each other for territory and breeding rights. In this photo, two of them are nose to nose and sizing each other up.   high-res

Here the 2 males circle each other, each looking for an advantage to attack the other. They jump and fly 3-4 feet straight up and attack the other with their leg spurs and beak. Just off to the right is a bunch of torn-out feathers settling to the ground.   high-res

And they're up and each Ring-Necked Pheasant is trying to slice the other, they do get brutal.   high-res

As they start dropping to the ground, these two Ring-Necked Pheasants are attacking each other with their beaks. They go for the opponent's eyes when possible ... they play for keeps.   high-res

They both fall to the ground together, still tearing at each other with spurs and beak.   high-res

The victor walks away proudly, having defeated the other Ring-Necked Pheasant for the moment. He is displaying his spurs on his foot, they are his main weapon in these fights. The other one also appears fine, and they go for another round just a minute later.   high-res

The Ring-Necked Pheasant, a very very fierce bird.

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