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Rough-Legged Hawk, Dark Form

Rough-Legged Hawks come in two color varieties, the Light Form and the Dark Form ... also known as the Light Morph and the Dark Morph. This page shows the Dark Morph. From a distance they look like a crow, and then you get closer and see some white around the beak and some white in the stripes on the tail.   high-res

Rough-Legged Hawks, including the Dark Form are Arctic birds, they breed in the Arctic and winter farther south including my town of Fort Edward NY. These shots were difficult to get with the obstructing twigs making my auto-focus go a little crazy.   high-res

This photo shows the stripes on the tail ...   high-res

... and then he launches into the air and you see all the bright markings, especially the tail stripes.   high-res

Here's the Rough-Legged Hawk Dark Form, in flight, showing off the beautiful patterns he has on the underside of his wings.   high-res

And then he turns away and flies into the distance.   high-res

February 2019, this Rough-Legged Hawk Dark Form posed for us on a utility pole as she was hunting the ditch after a snow fall.   high-res

And then she circled our car to check us out!   high-res

Late February 2019, we spotted this Rough-Legged Hawk Dark Form several hundred yards away, and as soon as we stopped the car, she came flying right at us. And here she lands on a utility pole just a few yards away. I get lots of photos of Hawks launching from poles, but this may be the first one I got of a Hawk landing right next to us!   high-res

The Rough-Legged Hawk, Dark Form ... a beautiful predatory bird.

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