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Short-Eared Owl

A Short-Eared Owl flies past a tree in the Fort Edward grasslands, looking for mice & voles.   high-res

This owl is posing for me on a broken tree. There were at least a dozen of them in the area, they often flock together.   high-res

I was very lucky to catch this one on the wing. They are excellent hunters of small mammals, mostly mice.   high-res

Short-Eared Owls are sociable, living in groups. Here, I caught two of them sitting on a tall stump.   high-res

The other owl has left, leaving this one sitting there being buffeted by the wind.   high-res

An Owl flies past me at about 100 yards. Got very lucky with this shot!   high-res

A Parliament of Owls sitting in a tree. That's what groups of Owls are called. :)   high-res

This Short-Eared Owl is showing his "ears". They are actually not ears, just tufts of feathers. This may be a threat display, warning off some crows flying overhead.   high-res

This is a Short-Eared Owl that I photographed at the Winter Raptor Fest. Is she too cute for words or what? :)   high-res

January 2017 - I spotted this Short-Eared Owl aitting on a pole, in very gray gloomy weather, the day before an expected snow storm. And she certainly spotted me! The next two pictures show what she does next.   high-res

Her right foot comes up and so does her right wing and the tail cranks to the right. She's doing her stretching exercises!   high-res

Balancing on one foot like the acrobat she is, she puts on quite a show!   high-res

March 2018 - Spotted these two Short-Eared Owls roosting in a row of blue spruce trees by the side of the road ...   high-res

... then I realized that there were at least a dozen of them in that tree. Most of them were sound asleep, but a few were keeping watch. These Owls are partially nocturnal, and they were snoozing during the afternoon. They'll come out and start flying just before sunset.   high-res

January 2018 - This Short-Eared Owl posed for me near the road after having caught and swallowed a vole. She is lit up by the setting sun.   high-res

The Short-Eared Owl, one of nature's cuties!

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