The Travels of Tug 44

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owls are Arctic birds, they breed up north, but come south to Fort Edward NY for the winter. They find our brutal winters quite nice! This one is a male, mostly white, and he's sitting on a low mound watching for mice, in between naps.   high-res

He got a mouse at this location and also got dive-bombed by a Northern Harrier who is not willing to share territory.   high-res

He flies away, but comes back a few minutes later and resumes his watch from the mound.   high-res

Got this shot of another male Snowy Owl sitting on a hay wagon at a local garden supply store. He remained here all winter, killing 7-8 mice every day.   high-res

This is a female Snowy Owl, back in December 2014, during a severe blizzard. Not to worry, she is very well equipped for that weather.   high-res

Another male Snowy Owl, at the Winter Raptor Fest. He was rescued after an accident and was treated but is not able to fly.   high-res

The Snowy Owl, an Arctic Circle resident.

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