The Travels of Tug 44

Song Sparrow

The Song Sparrow is a little cutie, decorated in various brown and black. The browns are unusually rich and the black streaks on the chest are very prominent ... making for a really distictive appearance.   high-res

Song Sparrows generally eat seeds and bugs and an occasional earthworm. Yumm!   high-res

They have a thick strong beak and they're able to make short work of the sunflower seeds which they crack open effortlessly.   high-res

Yeah, he's looking at me as if to say. "When's the next seed delivery?"   high-res

Male and female look alike, but this Song Sparrow is a juvenile, perhaps 2-3 months old. Look closely at the base of his beak, the orange color shows he's still got the last bit of his "baby beak".   high-res

The Song Sparrow, a frequent visitor at my bird feeder.

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