The Travels of Tug 44

Tree Swallow

The Tree Swallow is a pretty little birdie with some super flying abilities. I came on this bunch skimming the surface of the water on the old abandoned Champlain Canal in Fort Edward, catching bugs as they hatched out the water.   high-res

They are so extremely active that it's nearly impossible to photograph them, so I set up my camera pointing at a perch and I waited til a bird arrived for a quick break.   high-res

This is a female Tree Swallow. One oddity I noticed is the males have their perches and the females have their own. The streaks in the photo is rain, it was drizzling during all these shots.   high-res

Several fights broke out among the male Tree Swallows. I clearly heard this one say, "Get offa my stick, it's mine!"   high-res

... and then the fight broke out, but lasted only seconds and both birds flew off unharmed.   high-res

The Tree Swallow, an amazingly acrobatic flyer.

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