The Travels of Tug 44

White-Tailed Deer
6-Point Buck

June 2019, we encountered this lovely 6-point buck, grazing peacefully by the side of the road in Fort Edward. He was completely undisturbed by my car though he did keep an eye on us.   high-res

These photos were from about a hundred yards, using my new 600mm lens and 1.4x extender for 840mm. June is fawn season, the does all have their babies to care for, and the bucks are now growing their antlers for this fall. In this photo you see the top of the buck's antlers are starting to branch out for more points. He will have at least a 6-point rack.   high-res

His summer color is dramatic, he is nearly orange, and gleaming in the late day sun. And after a few minutes he decided to head for the woods, and he took his flies with him.   high-res

The White-Tailed Deer Buck, king of the grasslands.

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