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Lawn Mower Maintenance
Winter Maintenance on the New York Canals

Canal Corp maintains a large fleet of yellow lawn mowers to take care of the lawns at the locks. As with any machinery, it is critical to keep them clean. There are various ways to do this. In the past, Canal Corp employees would spend hours & days properly cleaning the equipment, but recently more efficient methods have been developed.

Washing the mower regularly is very important. This recently developed cleaning method ensures that every speck of dirt & grease is removed and that the mower is spotless. Canal Corp has a large fleet of cranes to assist with this important procedure.      Photo by Der Vogel

After carefully washing the mower, it is important to make sure that all the water has dripped out, so as to avoid rust.      Photo by Der Vogel

Be sure to inspect the mower from every angle, thereby insuring that all traces of algae, seaweed and other cleaning products are removed. See how nice & clean the machine is now. Every Canal Corp employee would be proud to operate such a shiny gleaming machine.      Photo by Der Vogel

Canal Corp employees are always looking for ways to improve maintenance procedures. After the scrubbing was completed, the mower was fitted with a propellor as an experiment to determine if the cleaning procedure can be done without the use of the crane. Early tests show positive results, and if all machines can be similarly equipped, the savings will be quite dramatic.      Photo by Der Vogel

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