The Travels of Tug 44

Town of Canajoharie

Tug 44 sits next to a fishing boat, at the floating docks of the Canajoharie terminal. In the background is a high concrete pier for larger boats. The beautiful lawn is still wrecked from the Flood of 2006, just 3 months ago. Photo taken from atop the Palatine Bridge. See full-sized photo

This photo shows the pavillion just up the hill from the docks, with the Beech-Nut factory in the background. Kathy loves the gliders by the docks. See full-sized photo

This is my favorite spot in Canajoharie, the Public Library & Art Gallery. Built in 1924 by the then president of Beech-Nut, it houses a surprisingly excellent collection of paintings. During 2006 the building was under construction and I'm anxious to see what they do with the building and the garden and fountains next door.

The Great Room of the library, as it appeared in 1925, now houses the art collection. This room somehow magically projects a calming peaceful state, and I love to just sit there and take it in and daydream a little.

Every small town needs a traffic light, and Canajoharie is no exception! See full-sized photo

See photos of the Canajoharie port during the Flood of 2006 at:

See the website of the Canajoharie Library & Art Gallery at:

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